Testimony of Founder

How the Ministries installed in this world by Our Saviour Almighty

The founder of this ministry, named Joel Henry who was born in Kallidaikurichi, a small village in Tiruenelveli District. His parents are now retired as Head masters in Government Schools. The above named Joel has the habit of opposing the creation of God and his presence and he used to follow the Dhiravidar Kazhagam with his College Professor Mr.Arivarasan. He used to participate in debates and speak mainly that there is no God and even sings song against God. He is an excellent speaker about this all over his taluk.

Days went by and he passed his graduation, but failed to get seat for Post Graduation in Tamil Nadu. His one year life was questioned but to his surprise, he received a call letter from Allahabad Muslim University for M.Sc.Agri and he decided to join that course. He started to Allahabad by train immediately but to his disappointment the train reached Agra 2 days late that he was too late for the admission. On reaching the University and producing his certificates for admission the office of that university refused to give seat for him as the time is barred. He left the university with lots of pain in his heart. That night he stayed with one of his friend from Tamil Nadu named Newton. At that time, suddenly he suffered with allergy burns in his leg and met Dr.Kuriyan, who is the medical officer of that University for treatment. He enquired about his spiritual life and asked whether he has ever seen the Lord Jesus Christ..? He replied that there is no God in the world and they are all the creations of Man. Suddenly the Doctor got angry and replied that he won’t give treatment and requested him to attend the next day Sunday service. He attended the service and then took treatment and gospel from the doctor. After all these events he returned back to his native place.

It’s Christmas time. Mr.Seenipandian, who is the catechist of Kallidaikurichi Christ Church, met him and requested him to deliver the message in church and he promised that he would get a seat in any one of the college at this academic year itself. He accepted to deliver the message in church on 28th December of 1985. Immediately God poured his anointing upon him, but he doesn’t know anything about the anointing. He enjoyed God’s presence with the anointing for the first time. After two days probably on 30.12.1985, he received the call letter from Madurai Law College. It was sent by the Principal Mr. Paul on vacancy in the college and is purely the leading of the Holy Spirit that he joined the college after 6 months. Then he actively involved in spiritual activities and started a prayer fellowship in Madurai Law College along with his Christian friend Mangala Suvikaran with the help of Principal, Vice Principal and the HOD Mrs. Porkodi Pirabakaran. From that day, God started using him as his instrument.

He served as catechist in Ambasamudram church for five years and in Kallidaikurichi church for 8 months. After that, God personally called him to do the Gospel Ministry and lead him to start this ministry in the year of 2006. From then God is using his servant effectively and takes him to various places to pour out His Heavenly Word. Praise The Lord..!!

Bro.Joel Henry

Bro. Joel Henry