About Jesus Touch’ Ministries

Jesus’ Touch Ministries is a mission organization founded on basic Christian truths about salvation and healing. It was started in Kallidaikurichi, Ambasamudram Taluk, Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu, India in July, 2006 by evangelist Bro.Joel Henry.

The most well-known feature of this organization is prayer for the revival in India by way of spread the gospel all over the country. Jesus’ Touch Ministry is dedicated to pray for the broken hearted people irrespective of caste, creed and religion. It was started in obedience to God's vision and mandate given to Bro. Joel Henry to serve the people through the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. Bro. Joel Henry (Founder) and Mrs. Kiruba Joel (Co-Founder & Editor Of Magazine) has sacrificed and gone through great ordeal in building the Kingdom of God and establishing the ministries according to the plan and direction given by God.

1. Prayer Ministry

As this ministry is build up on valuable and earnest prayers of God's children, Prayer is given the first priority. To enhance this nearly 100 prayer friends have joined with us from different places.

A. Intercessory Prayer

The ministry has a group of dedicated people for prayers. On every Wednesday the men prayer partners are in kneel and the women prayer partners are in knell on every Thursday for the needy people. Daily they pray with burden for people and ministry. On second Saturday of every month, hundreds of people gather and take part in the Holy Fasting Prayer in Vasantham Mahal at Ambasamudram. Every day night special prayers are offered by the Jesus’ touch ministries. Apart from this, every year, One Good news festival is conducted on a grand scale in open ground at Kallidaikurichi.

First Good News Festival Speaker:
Bro.Mohansing, Chennai.

Second Good News Festival Speaker:
Bro.A.V.M.Rajan, Chennai.

Third Good News Festival Speaker:
Bro.Augustin Jebakumar, Bhihar

Fourth Good News Festival Speaker:
Bro.K.S.Wilson, Chennai

Fifth Good News Festival Speaker:
Bro.Godwin Moses, Chennai

Sixth Good News Festival Speaker:
Bro.John, Coimbatore.

B. All Night Prayer

On the Third Saturday of every month, some people assemble in the House of Founder and pray with tears for the salvation of the people, the nation and the rulers, for the protection of the missionaries, for revival in the churches, for the protection of our nation and its prosperity. The prayer continues from 9 PM to 1 AM. When we see the eagerness of the people, we can understand that the salvation of our nation is not so far.

2. Magazine Ministry

The Jesus’ Touch Ministries, in its quest to reach out to the masses, started the Magazine Ministry way back in the year 2009. A modest and humble beginning with just 200 subscribers, the first 'Jesus’ Touch magazine styled as “Thodugai Malar” came out in the month of August 2009 in Tamil. At the time of the commencing of the Magazine Ministry, the Lord assured "send the magazine, at free of cost, to whomever asks for it. I’ll take care of the expenses". The Lord who assured is carrying it out till date.

We can never remain without thanking the Lord for Brother, who is a blessing to thousands through this magazine ministry,. He gets the matter every month for the magazine from the Lord, while on his knees, writes it out with his own handwriting and then brings it out in print.

You too can write to us and get the magazine. Read and be blessed.

If you would like to post your articles, place advertisements or give a suggestion about the magazines, please write to the editor.

3. Missionary Ministry

About Missionary Ministry

It is not enough if we merely pray for the salvation of the Indians. We have to preach the gospel, for which we have to send "Missionaries". This was powerfully persuaded by the Holy Spirit and thus bloomed the “Jesus’ Touch” Missionary Ministry.

The First missionary was Bro.Luke Manickam of Indi field at Karnataka through IMS. The First dedication was in 2007 at the time of "Holy Fasting Prayer"

The second missionary was Bro.Babu Raov of Andra Pradesh Kamaduvalasa field through VISHWAVANI.The second dedication was in 2008 at the time of "Holy Fasting Prayer"

The Third missionary was Bro.RamBhajan Singh of Bhihar through GEMS.The Third dedication was in 2009 at the time of "Holy Fasting Prayer" The Fourth missionary was Bro.Robert Ponnusamy Of Uthranjal through FMPB.The Fourth dedication was in 2010 at the time of "Holy Fasting Prayer"

The Fifth missionary was Bro.Ebin Samuel Of Chattigar field through IEM.The Fifth dedication was in 2011 at the time of "Holy Fasting Prayer"

The Sixth missionary was Bro.Thomas of Kerala field through Tribal Mission.The sixth dedication was in 2012 at the time of "Holy Fasting Prayer"

4. Audio Ministry:

The Founders and their families were utilized every single talent that the Lord has given to them. The Lord has given them the talent of singing. The Lord performs miracles through their songs. Their voice coupled with the heavenly music and the Lord's blessings have brought blessings to many. Especially the blooming youths Miss.Jenela Priscy, Mr.Alban Santhosh, Mr.Jeffrey Joan are the role models for many children of their ages. Their songs mesmerize little children and express the love and compassion of the Lord.

Brother Joel Henry and Sister.Kirubavathy are the practicing advocates and do the God’s service also. They have the two children namely Miss.Jenila Priscy and Mr.Joshie Paulmani. Their Children are also giving the hands in ministry.

Today this Jesus’ Touch Ministry, a duly registered body with the Government as a Trust, is being governed by a Trust Board comprising of 8 Trust Members of various walks of life including Bro. Joel Henry as the Managing Trustee.

This ministry need your prayer only to achieve its goal for winning souls to the God’s Kingdom. Our Trustees:

Bro.Joel Henry, Kallidaikurichi., Managing Trustee,
Sis. Kirubavathy Joel, Kallidaikurichi.
Bro. Joan Sam, Doha.
Sis. Jebasutha, Palayamcottai.
Bro.Levenson. Tuticorin.
Sis.Jenila Priscy, Coimbatore.
Bro. Joshie Paulmani, Kallidaikurichi.
Bro.Jebakumar, Ambasamudram.
Bro.Selvaraj, Ambasamudram.

Bro.Joel Henry

Bro. Joel Henry