In this time of uncertainty, confusion and darkness, God has a word for you, it is time to rise and shine. Many years ago Our Saviour Jesus Christ promised about these times, He said

“With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.”

In these times lies the greatest opportunity for the people who are in spiritual sick, in Holy touch of Jesus with his Powerful words we take this mandate very seriously, through spread the gospel, we are bringing the light of God’s word to this darkened world, we are rising and shining.

The main purpose of this ministry is to share the love of Jesus Christ to the present generation and lead them in a Holy Walk with Jesus

You have all been blind, deaf, & mute to certain situations for whatever reason, but now is the time that everything will be revealed. I don't know who this is for but, once it is revealed it’s not for you to start conflict or throw things in anyone face. It’s just give you time to make a smart decision and a clear way to handle the issue without drama. Just Trust God in this situation and allow him to order your steps. Have the Faith that when he reveals things to you that he will carry you through it. Stay in pray and stay connected to God's people

The Bible to be the infallible Word of God that it is His holy and inspired Word and that it is of supreme and final authority does not want you to suffer with sickness and disease of any kind. This website is designed to help build your Faith for physical healing. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. If you are facing physical symptoms come to these pages often and learn to believe God for your miracle!